** Ninco NH99002 Nincocean Priority Large Boat Radio Control


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** Ninco NH99002 Nincocean Priority Large Boat Radio Control, Highly Detailed Model,2 Motors, 2 Channels, Radio High Range

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Pleasure yacht easy to use, to enjoy the navigation of a true radio control replica. Excellent presence and size with great detail and finishes. Twin-motor. With propellers security system. Choose between two frequencies 27 and 40 Mhz

Pleasure yacht, large size, with fantastic details and twin-motor navigation. Despite its size, can reach 15km/h. Excellent sealing system to prevent water inside the boat. With propellers’ security system (only turn in contact with water). Ideal for beginners. Easy access to the engine and battery without screws.

Dimensions: 45cm long, 18cm wide and 10cm high.

Recommended for use in fresh water and not for children under 14 years.


• Rechargeable Ni-MH 800mAh 9.6v battery

• Big-size pleasure yacht

• Detailed interior and nice finishes

• Great seal to keep out water

• Easy access to battery, screwless

• More than 15km/h

• More than 20m of range

• Available in two frequencies

• Spare parts availability

9,6V 800mAh
SIZES (mm) length x height x w:


Ready to Run yacht


Ni-Mh Battery

220v charger

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