** Proses PROPT-N-01 N Scale Adjustable Parallel Track Tool


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Proses PROPT-N-01 N Scale Adjustable Parallel Track Tool

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N Scale Adjustable Parallel Track Tool

Scale: N

N Scale, 1:160
Adjustable Parallel Track Distance Tool
in Metric & Imperial units
For all N scale tracks.

One set includes 2 Tools

This very useful track alignment tool is designed to keep the same distance
between the centers of adjacent and parallel tracks.

You can adjust the distance between the mids of tracks
from 50 mm to 105 mm or from 2 inch to 4.1 inch

With Parallel Track Tool you can lay your straight and curved tracks
in perfect parallel very easily.

Using the tools at curves is not a problem at all.

The slots under the tool fit to any radius curve.

Two rulers on the tools provide measuring in Metric or Imperial systems

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