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Brzezinka Sredzka

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Brzezinka Sredzka

I am European

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I am European - as seen on this lovely DB 189 heading over the railway bridge out of Wroclaw onward to Germany
Railway Bridge over the River Odra, Wroclaw, Poland 14-09-2019 (re-visited) Video Blog with 15 clips for your enjoyment.
OK What do we have here - parking in a car park, but officers.......

Steam Weekend in Poland

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It looks like a Model Railway but it is in fact one small part of a complex Railway Department. The image is from Google Earth (thank you) and shows the layout of the Museum of Industry and Railway in Silesia, Jaworzyna Slaska, Poland where we visited their Steam Gala Weekend 8th September 2019 - Read more to see some of the lovely images we took.

Track bed ready for new rail

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Re-instating a line - continuing our blog here we are walking several kilometers down this single mountain Track bed.
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